Important finishing touches such as decorative moldings can make the all difference in defining your style and creating that special detail for your space.
We offer a complete selection of architectural elements such as: Fluted pilasters, Corbels, Moldings, Raised panels, Fretwork and rope motifs, Gingerbread trim, Balusters, Composition ornamentation and carvings and Footed cabinets that mimic separate furniture pieces.

Architectural Details

Important finishing touches such as Moldings & Trim, Decorative Panel Mouldings and Wainscoting, and Decorative Elements for Cabinets, can make all the difference in defining your style and creating that special detail for your space. These are the type of architectural details that will add character and class.

Decorative Elements and Cabinet Details

Decorative Elements and Cabinet Details, such as footed cabinets, kitchen island legs, fluting and corner posts can dress your cabinets and add class and individuality. Other elements such as appliqués, corbels, scrolls, onlays, wood accent mouldings and carvings add character and define the cabinetry style. We have a variety of styles and finishes available for all tastes. Adding woven wire grilles, lattice screening, or decorative glass to cabinetry doors are also special touches. Why not incorporate a wine rack into your kitchen design, or have an entire wine room custom-built? Floating shelves anyone?

Mouldings & Trim

Mouldings offer visually attractive details to any design, from sleek to baroque, from decorative to functional. They are an important part to enhance any room or space, or custom cabinetry piece. Simple elements, such as baseboards, pediments, window and door casings can be used to embellish and define your style and add character, as well as become the focal point of a room or wall.

We offer the fabrication of custom trimwork, as well as the supply and installation of a variety of Mouldings & Trim, such as: Baseboards, Chair Rails, Crown moulding, Window and Door Casings, Cornice Mouldings, Fretwork and Rope motifs, Fluted Pilasters, Corbels, Appliques and Scrolls.

Decorative Panel Mouldings and Wainscoting

We can make your walls come to life with a wide range of panel mouldings, which can be incorporated into your design. Panels can create a feeling of dimension, which make a room appear more interesting. Wainscoting is suitable for both modern and classical homes, and can evoke a beautiful atmosphere with style. You can also add a rustic or modern feel to a space by adding Wood Wallscapes. They provide a striking accent to any room.


Our experienced craftsmen are skilled in the installation of all staircase components such as balusters, newel posts, handrails and fittings. When planning your net renovation or new home construction project, we can take care of the installation and finishing of a variety of these staircase products, from wood to wrought iron fittings.

Fireplace Surrounds and Entertainment Units

Fireplace surrounds provide warmth and atmosphere to a room. We have a variety of fireplace units available and can also custom make your fireplace surround and built-in library or storage systems to your specifications and dimensions. We can help you create a traditional feel or modern vibe with our designs and cabinetry product lines.